Making it After 40

Frank Caeti - Guidance, Compassion and Art

May 23, 2023 Lisa Rodriguez, Frank Caeti Season 1 Episode 46
Making it After 40
Frank Caeti - Guidance, Compassion and Art
Show Notes

In this episode, Lisa chats with actor, writer, director, Frank Caeti. Frank is best known for his work on MadTV in the early 2000's, but among actor and improv circles is also known for his director and mentorship abilities. Frank has a knack for helping actors find their own voice through one person shows and has gone on to teach at Cal Arts in Valencia, CA. Lisa and Frank discuss art, kids, the highs and lows of life , and the entertainment industry.  Frank is intelligent, insightful, compassionate and humble. There is so much to gain from this episode. This is episode is why we make this show.

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